About Us

A relaxing place in the heart of the city, just off the hustle and bustle of Pub Street, where you can enjoy authentic, high quality western cuisine without compromise.

A place with a history worth sharing!

In operation for over 7 years in the Mondul Village section of Siem Reap, city center. Celebrate your every day dining in the fun and welcoming atmosphere of our open-air restaurant. Classic, comforting cuisine with friendly, professional, local-staff service will be sure to make your day special and enjoyable.

Customers love our Restaurant

7  years of experience and practice

"If you’re in the mood for comforts from the Western world this is the place for you, or if you just love a fantastic slice of pizza. My husband and I ate there every day of our trip, living in Nam we rarely get to indulge in comforts from home so we went all out. Everything we had was wonderful. I loved their chicken pot pie, proper pie y’all! So good! Service was top notch. The owner made a point to speak to every table and introduce himself. Well done Belmiro’s!"
"This was a great restaurant with amazing staff and the best non-Asian food I had during my trip. I was with my extended family so we tried a few appetizers which were great. The highlight was the pizza though - melts in your mouth and amazing portions (You will have leftovers...be prepared!!). Full bar as well with pretty much every alcohol from back home. Owner was great as were all the employees."